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In the long and crazy that was 2020, many people found themselves cooped up and craving intimacy. It was during these moments that some turned to the reassuring embrace of adult entertainment, which provided moments of solace and pleasure during a dark time. Jessica Sage‘s Your Internet Girlfriend brand is expertly designed to provide a sense of intimacy and connection in a video format.


Your Internet Girlfriend!

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“A lot of women feel threatened that their partner might want someone else,” says Sage. While she says that's not the case, she does acknowledge that the relationships she builds with her fans can be quite intimate.“I talk to people and get to know them on a personal level,” she says. “For me, it’s more about building a connection than just taking off my clothes. I try to get to know everyone and allow them to get to know me.”

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Outside of work, what is that? Just kidding! Sort of…When I’m not working, I try so hard to just get out of the house and do something. We love the outdoors and really try to go out into nature at least one day a week, whether it’s the park, quick walking trails or just walking around getting fresh air. Besides that, if I’m home and have nothing else to do, I really enjoy reading. I rarely ever watch TV, it’s just not my thing. But reading? I love it.

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